Schoolhouse In Texas

It all started in small community in the middle of Texas.  The little two room school house, when I walked in to that little schoolhouse and saw children I had never seen before.   This is really the beginning of your life.  The families in our farming community and that first teacher, you immediately loved.  All the wonderful new excitement you felt when you sat at your little desk.  The wonderful memories of Betsy my little pet pig.  Even my classmate and teacher loved that little pig. My teacher would say reach for the stars, they are winking at you, grab one and hold on it’s a wonderful life.  It’s like back going back into a time capsule.

All of sudden you are all grown up and you are beginning your own grown up life.  You really begin get to know yourself.   You began to market your self in the business world.  My business experience began in the banking, manufacturing to the largest petroleum company. During these years I always felt I was not meeting my potential as something was always missing.

After a rocky marriage and nasty divorce, I found myself looking inside with lots of tears, and then with Gods help I found my niche and that was sales.  I loved working with people and I worked many years in the flooring business. Helping families with their dream homes, granite counter tops to newly designed bathrooms.  Making their homes picturesque, after all, this is where all their dreams, children, and prayers for a wonderful life come together. My reward was seeing their happy faces.

I am now in my eighties and life is really just beginning, but something was missing and that was having my own business. Finding the right people to help, out of the blue, I received a call from a group and with their help I am building an on line business.  Deleni Group LLC, I am full filling my dream and I truly believe loving your life style is where it all begins. I hope you will find what you are looking for when you are shopping with me.  Remember it is you, loving your life style, and I want you to know you will find this site is made for you.  Loving your life style is what it’s all about.  Happy shopping for a life time of your dreams.

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