Summer Lakeshore Vacation

One of the more popular summer activities in our nation is spending a day, or up to all summer, at the lakeshore.  This opportunity varies from state to state but everywhere there are lakes, the majority of geographic America, there are common themes.

One is that for many this event is the most popular means for extended family to congregate.  The accommodations for eating, socializing, and sleeping are easily accomplished by the available outdoors.  There are usually a number of activities for most everyone.  Canoeing, hiking, swimming, wood crafts, or board games immediately comes to mind.
Second is the traditions that develop which as for many the lakeside vacation is an annual event.  Playing special games, eating family favorite meals, special hikes, canoe or boat races all come to mind.
Our family, my mother’s extended family meet biannually for weekend at my Mother’s sister’s cabin on one of the large lakes in New York State.  This place has been ideal for us because there are nearby cabins and a large wooded lawn to accept the overflow of over 50 people.  Also available is a small restaurant famous for breakfasts and a store that usually has merchandise people tend to forget to pack and pleasure foods the kids can hike to safely.  There is a boat dock with boats and canoes for excursions in to the lake and a swim area with a large part of it shallow enough for the youngest kids to swim.   Also significant is the fact this lake is located at a location less than a day trip for most every family member.

I mentioned one tradition, the lake side restaurant breakfasts; we also have a card game tournament playing a popular game in our area called eucure.  The game consists of two two person teams that has a system of playing the cards you are dealt for points.  The first ream to get to 21 points wins.  The game goes rapidly so that dozens of games can be played to win a tournament.  Weather providing there are several who seek to canoe or boat to the center of the lake where the fishing is good and other vacationers are congregating.

There is always some family we have not seen in some time and it is fun to catch up on stories and fun.   I hope those of you who do have access to a lake this summer are able to enjoy the good special times and be able to make it the event it has been for my family.

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