Nice Neighborhood

We live in this nice neighborhood; the neighbors try to get together.  When the weather is nice, we would gather in one the neighbor’s front yard and share our thoughts and enjoy a glass of wine.  This has been a tough year.  2020 with the Chinese Virus, with family and friends losing loved ones.  That wasn’t bad enough, we lose out not being able to visit with our friends in the neighborhood. We even had our churches closed.

I wanted to design two of my flower beds. I needed some help and my lawn service was not available.  We have a website call NEXTDOOR.  I was able to find help in our own neighborhood. I was able to hire a high school boy after school.  We worked together building and I think with a burst of bloom come spring, it will be beautiful. I have a great statue in my flower bed.  We arranged 100 tulip bulbs, crocus, and daffodils.  I should have a great front yard come spring. You know one of the nice things was working with this young man. Andin was so interesting; he is appreciative of being able to work.  I am hoping the weather will remain normal with plenty of rain along with the right temperature.  Andin has to go by my house every day on his way to school, he tells me he can’t wait to see how all this work will turn out.  I am with him; it will be interesting.  We will see if our labor will surprise us with over a hundred blooms.

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