Landscaping really begins in the fall.

It depends where you live, to start your landscaping for the coming year.  You want to start by cleaning out the old dead flowers and foliage and loosen the soil to get the beds ready for planting your spring bulbs.  I like to make sure all the edges are cleaned out and there is no grass creeping over into the beds.

Once you have your flower beds nice and clean, this is just a start.  Where I live, we have black clay soil.  The first thing I will have to do is loosen the soil, which will be a tough job.  What I need to do, is use a garden tiller and cultivate the soil several times. I am going to check with the experts in my community to see just how do I develop a healthy flower bed.

Where I grew on the plains of Texas, we had great soil and we were part of the agricultural belt, we had irrigation and we grew large crops of wheat, cotton, different grains.  The soil was rich with nutrients.  I know this is going to be a challenge.  Every person you ask has an answer, but with my back ground of being raised on the farm I find their answers are not assuring.  One thing I do know about soil is has to be loose enough for the plants to thrive.  When you have hard packed black clay soil, you need a mixer of top soil and a mulch that will keep soil aerated.  I wanted to be able to have the soil contents that will hold the moisture and let the plants breath.  The better the soil, better the plants. Soil quality affects how big they get, how good they look, and how long they live. But on many residential lots, the soil is shallow and infertile.  Unless you’re lucky enough to have a better-than-average site where the soil has been cared for and amended over the years, perhaps for use as a vegetable garden or flower bed, you should plan to improve your soil before planting in it.

I have a great neighbor that has grown up in this part of Texas and now he says I am going to help you learn about this part of the country.  I will be taking my q’s from Glenn.  He has a beautiful yard. I know that there is nothing more valuable than curb appeal.  I love flowers and I think I have my area ready to plant.  The 1st day of January I will be planting my iris, tulips, daffodils and crocus. Since I will be planting perennials, I want to arrange the different bulbs to show bursts color. They will be some of the flowers in my yard.  I like the fact next spring these flowers will come back every year as long as I take care of my soil.  I will plant some summer flowers in the late spring.   After the last frost in the spring, I will be planting summer flowers that will live through the summer months.  I love a pretty yard, to me the outside your home says a lot about the person living in the home.  I want to plant flowers than can take the hot Texas sun.  I am glad that most of my flowers will not be exposed to the hottest part of the day.  Some of the flowers that will thrive in the Texas sun are Marigolds, Periwinkles, snapdragons, petunias, firebush, and some daylilies.  I will be checking the local nursery to try some of the new varieties. I am hoping for a nice front yard, that will improve my home in the neighborhood.  I am having to replant and reshape the landscaping, since this is my second spring in this home. With the approval of the HOA, I can make some improvements.

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