Growing Up

Do you remember when?  The best years was yet to come!

When we were growing up some of us when we reach puberty, our skin changed. Some of us had break outs on our faces, while some of our friends’ skin never broke out not even 1 tiny bump. Even our hair did not want to behave.  We felt like at times we had two left feet. The real problem we were starting to go up.  Somehow, we seem to make it through the next two years.  When we reach ages 14 and 15 life seem to be so sunny and bright. We like the way we looked; life was lots of fun. We had formed our own personalities and the love of school. The school years where full ball games, cheer leading, social activities, and all of sudden the day of graduation.

I don’t think we ever figured out why we seem so confused, but whatever, it did not matter we were just teenagers and that was part of growing up.  Our parents would sometime wonder it we would be normal.  Don’t you love to look back and wonder where did we get such silly ideas.  We were just normal all-American teenagers and these were growing pains. I guess are parents at one time went thru the same thing.  I guess our parents figure we would somehow become adults.  Believe it are not we did and we turn out very normal.  Just out of the blue our hair was just the way we wanted it to be.  Our skin was healthy and had a glow, even your neighbor would say, Gee you sure have grown up, your skin and hair are just beautiful.  I really believed the reason for our healthy looks was because of the fruits and vegetables that was part of our up bringing. Do you remember your first lipstick or Maybelline mascara? Those where the days, we thought!

We can laugh at ourselves, but we have learned a lot about beauty products. Beauty products were developed to help keep our skin free of harsh elements. The sun, hot winds and climate changes can dry out your skin, which can lead to serious skin cancers.  I am thankful we have some of the best cosmetic companies developing product to help to keep our skin and hair healthy.  Don’t forget you are what you eat, nutrition should be your medicine cabinet. To get the best results out of our cosmetic, just follow some healthy guide lines.  Our cosmetic company will thank you, for using their products wisely and our skin and hair will thank you as well!

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