What will the fashions be for 2021?

What will the fashion designers have new this year?  That could be a 64-dollar question!   There could be causal soft cotton trousers of different colors and some may come with matching tee shirts. Very casual and some may come with an elastic waist band or draw stings, either way this clothing will draw attention to some of the older generation.  They like neat simple and comfortable for every day for shopping, just casual, but yet chic.

I know for sure we will never do away with those wonderful jeans. They are just a staple we grew up with. We like the look; we can dress up or dress down.  A nice shirt with a stand-up collar of your favorite color and a nice classy belt is just a perfect look.  That is a look I believe we will be seeing this spring and summer.   Jeans come in different styles and is a staple for most ladies.  It does not make any difference what size, shape, short, tall and a little on the plump side.  Just don’t mess with my jeans! 

I am sure the designers are busy trying to come out with new bold looks.  The designers sometimes come out with bold looks that just do not seem to appeal to the professional world.  We like the cool sophicated look, saying I am happy in my skin.  I know what I like and I know what styles I will buy.  It will be interesting to see what will be coming out this spring.

Calvin Kline, an American designer, seems to know what most people like and that is simplicity and comfort. I like cotton tees and jeans.  I like the chic and classy look.  I do not go for the jeans with holes and worn-out look.  Farmers worked in the fields, along with their hired hands, with holes in their pants.  Many wives patched the work cloths. The wives took pride in their husbands, would not allow them to work with holes in their clothing. So, we shall see what this year’s jeans will be like. 

Will we see little black dresses and the pretty little pumps of different colors come back? A well-known designer, Carolina Herrera, was known as the lady of elegance. Wonder who will be the next designer to take her place.  Then there is Michael Kors, casual clothing, handbags, accessory and boots. Jones of New York, has been a great brand for a lot of working professionals. She had a great line of nice knitwear, sweaters, slacks, skirts, shirts and coats.   Ralph Lauren, also has a nice line of clothing and I am anxious to see his new line.  We have a lot new fashions to look forward too.

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