What Should My Monthly Clothes Budget Be?


Staying on trend can sometimes be costly. We all want to dress our best and strive for a successful and confident look whether we are at work, at home or on a date. It is important to remember that even though we want to look like a million dollars we don’t have to spend it to look fantastic. Acquiring good money management skills and sticking to a budget for all aspects of our spending will help us get just as far ahead in life as a fashion forward ensemble.

How To Stay Stylish On A Budget
There are actually a few ways to stay stylish on a budget. When it comes to outfits there are 3 components to remember that make up each ensample everyone wears:

  • Fashion forward pieces
  • Basics often associated with layering
  • Accessories such as purses, jewelry and more

Now that your outfits are broken down into three sections it will be easy to see where you can save money. The outer pieces that people see and pay attention to such as sweaters, suit jackets or pants can all be name brand and current in the fashion world. The layering pieces that only display a small pop of color such as shirts under suit jackets and layering tops can be budget friendly. Accessories can also be very budget friendly. Investing in quality statement pieces and accessorizing with budget friendly options creates a balance that allows you to remain fashionable and price conscious.

Clothing Budgets Are Important
Your monthly clothes budget should be based about seasons. It is reasonable to allow yourself a bit more every 3 to 4 months as the seasons change. This extra allowance in the budget leaves room for seasonal jackets, shoes and everyday pieces. The monthly budget should not exceed more than 25% of your earnings. You need to budget for living expenses such as rent/mortgage, utilities, groceries, transportations and savings before you create a clothing budget. Once you have a running spreadsheet of all of your expenses you can then see how much is left over for a monthly clothes budget. If your budget is running slim then cut back on your spending and rather than allocating a monthly budget consider a seasonal budget that you can save for over a few months’ time.

Budget Friendly Buys That Are Still Fashionable
There are many subscription boxes that allow subscribers to sign up for monthly, bi-monthly or one time purchases of specific types of clothing. These are often offered at a discounted rate and are quite fashionable. In addition to clothing subscription boxes there are apps that feature high quality resale clothing at deep discounts. If you have time to browse in store then you can complete your wardrobe with accessory pieces and layering pieces at local thrift stores, wholesale clothing outlets or even from clearance racks. Purchasing items at deeply discounted prices will leave a bit of room in your monthly clothes budget for pricier statement pieces.

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