10 Budget Friendly Fashion Tips


Sometimes we want to channel our inner fashion model and wear what is in style. And sometimes we need fashion that is budget friendly. I am going to bring you the best ways you can have budget friendly fashion, complete with shoes, accessories, and everything else you need to be the fashion icon that you dream to be.

The first tip I have for all of you fashion icons, check out what is already in your closet. You might not remember most of the outfits you have tucked away, but those can be brought back at any point and be turned into something fashionable. Nothing is more budget friendly than an outfit you already own. These great finds can be a delightful surprise so be sure to check this area first before you go out shopping.

A lot of places will put accessories, shoes, and other fashionable items on sale when they go out of season, or out of trend. You can stop at these shops at the mall and check out these seasonal sales, you will likely come out with a lot more clothes than you can imagine.

Check out your local thrift shops. These places might not seem like the most in-style, but they have a lot of hidden gems. You just have know where to look.

If you have a friend that wears the same size you do, why not ask them if they want to trade a few things? The best part about having friends is so you can trade things you are bored of, and their friendship of course.

A lot of popular fashion brands have knock-offs, find one of those knock-offs that you like the quality of. Just because it is not the exact brand doesn’t mean the product is bad, it is made for people who can’t afford the real thing. It’s not the same quality, but it is still very reliable.

Before buying an item, think about how often you are likely to wear it. If the product costs $30, take a dollar for each day you are going to wear it. You can always find something cheaper if you are only going to use it once, maybe a friend will have something you can borrow once. Never pay for something you won’t get use out of.

Fashion is amazing, but it isn’t everything. Buy what you need first. Think about your job, your grocery trips, and what you wear casually at home. Then continue onto the fashion part of your life.

Set aside some money from each payment and call that your clothing fund. This will allow you to have money set aside for this purchase, but will not allow you to go over your budget. You can get by just fine with 2 or 3 pairs of shoes. You never need more than that. And finally, learn to make clothes for yourself. This might seem like a lot of work, but you can tons of money. 

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