New Year’s DIY List

This is my DIY list for the New Year, to achieve things that were left undone.

The end of another year.  We will be taking our Christmas decorations down and storing them for another year.  I will be hitting all the sales for decorations for next year’s Christmas.  I want to make some Christmas bulbs.  I have had a great Christmas with family and friends.  I was glad to have some of my church family over.  The lock downs have kept us from having church for many months.  I counted my   blessings; I have been able to stay focused on my goals for the coming year.

 This has been a very unusual year.  The Chinese virus has upset the entire year. The things you wanted to get done had to be postponed.  We are doing most of our shopping wearing a mask.  I know I have goals to achieve, which I have written before, how I wanted to improve my front yard.  I have been waiting for rain. This is the fall of the year.  At last, we have had the much-needed rain and the ground will be much easier to work with.

This is the time of the year when most of the outside work is done in the Spring of the year.   I want to prepare my flower beds for Spring planting, and have to put my bulbs in the ground now for that burst of early spring flowers.

Where I live here in Texas, we do not always have snow.  Most of the time our weather is mild. We do not have many days of freezing weather.  This makes it much easier to start your planting early.

We can start some of our projects, such as cleaning out our closets and donate some of our clothing to much needed charities.  The Kidney Fountain is one of the charities we like to help.  So many people are waiting for a kidney match.  It seems to take months or sometimes years. I believe this is a way to give back to the ones who are desperately in need. 

With the coming of the new year, I am hoping to see our community’s getting back to normal.  This is my wish list and I am going to get myself started.  I want to improve my business which will keep me focused.

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