The reason I wanted to write about DIY, I truly wonder where we would be in this world if we did not have the individuals with a vision.  I can not imagine how dark this country would be and under developed.  Most people that do it yourself, have a vision. One example, the Wright brothers had a vision.  The brothers took it upon themselves to put that vision into action.  It did not happen overnight; I have a feeling they went to the drawing board and drew out their plans several times.  I am sure it took many drawings to get to the point of developing the first airplane.  Over the years, just what the air plane has done for transportation and to help win World War 11. Look at our air travel from coast to coast.  Overseas travel to other countries is remarkable.  We can never praise the Wright Bros enough, and we are free today because of their vision.

This is just the beginning for all the wonderful creations of the DO IT YOURSELFERS and we owe them a great debt of gratitude. I live in the suburbs of Dallas almost 60 years.  Another great developer, Mary Kay Cosmetics.  Mary Kay’s husband was a tanner and he had developed is own formula for his tanning business.  Mary Kay was fascinated how this product was changing cowhides into soft leather. Mary Kay was sure this formula could reduce winkles.  Mary Kay Wagner was born 1918, Hot Wells, Texas.  Mary Kay had worked for Stanley Home Products, hosting parties to encourage households to buy products.  Mary Kay was a serious business person, she had experience in home sales and she saw an opportunity and she capitalized on her vision.

In 1963 Mary Kay started her own cosmetic company.  My brothers, who were in the steel business helped build the first plant. Mary Kay, was 45 years old and she had the world by the tail. She grew that business from scratch and the first year she sold over one million dollars in products.  Mary Kay was smart, classy, and wanted to give an opportunity to young ladies that wanted to have their own business.  I remember seeing the Mary Kay Cosmetic little Pink Cadillacs. These consultants had to be the pride and joy of Mary Kay.  When you saw the young lady driving that Pink Cadillac, she was making top dollar income.  Mary Kay Ash passed away November 22, 2001 in Dallas Tex.  Another Icon who had a vision.

I remember J.R. Watkins company, he started his business using the method of door to door sales.  Mr. Watkins started his company in 1868.  He had developed a liquid medication (Liniment), this was used to relieve joint pain for those with arthritis.  During the war, sugar was rationed and saccharine, an artificial sweetener was sold to take the place of sugar.  My Mother would buy saccharine and vanilla from the salesman.

J.R. Watkins’ descendants—Watkins and King guided the company through its first 110 years. In my research the owner and founder J.R. Watkins and his wife’s life did not end well. Apparently murder-suicide. The company was bought in 1978 by Irwin L. Jacobs who purchased Watkins. And the Jacobs family continues the Watkins tradition of manufacturing the highest quality products and providing outstanding service that exceeds expectations. Milestones in Watkins’ 141-Year History.

You can go on line and purchase Watkins products and the company is still owned by the Jacobs, the second generation of Jacobs family is at the helm. There are still so many companies that have started with someone that had an idea or a vision and believed in themselves and saw their vision come true. Some of the door to door sales companies went on to be bought out or merge with other companies.  I believe another one of the them is Home Interiors and Galloping Gourmet.

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