Changes In Home Décor

I just could not help myself, I had to write about some of most ridiculous trends we have gone through in the last 40 years.  I can’t help but laugh at some of the colors and patterns that were in the Home Beautiful magazine.  That was the magazine to go to for what is trendy and what builders are using in the models. 

Do you remember the old 2-inch-long shag carpet, colors green and blue, yellow and orange and some were even tweeds.  Let’s not forget the Harvest Gold, Avocado Green and Beige appliances.  The kitchen wall paper was something else with big patterns of yellow, orange, green, fruits and vegetables and your counter top was Formica, and the color was one that matched the wallpaper or the appliances.  Oh! don’t forget that rake for the shag carpet. 

Do you remember what the builders were using for paneling in the dens.  The paneling was always dark; or it seemed to be the model, or if you were lucky you had a window.  Also don’t forget the step down into the den. Many of the homes had rock fireplaces that covered the entire wall.  How would you like to remodel that sucker?  Taking that rock down one rock at a time, what a mess.  It was amazing how we got caught up in the moment. 

When I was working for a flooring company, I was selling to apartments and the secret was to sell the Management Companies on what was trendy, a fashionable line of flooring made just for the that industry.  We had samples galore, vinyl samples for kitchens and bathrooms.  The carpet samples were something else, two shades of blue, pink, to shades of green, beige, light brown and dark brown.  I would coordinate the vinyl samples that best went with the color of carpet.

One of the calling cards to help apartment managers rent their apartments was to let the new residents pick the color of carpet and vinyl for the new home.  The apartment industry kept the walls off white and that way whatever color the residents picked it would blend.  The walls would be easy to touch up. The apartment business was a booming business for a few years, rehabs for older apartments and new apartments were going up everywhere as new developers came from other states.   Dallas county was like a boom town. One problem the new out of state developers ran into, they had no knowledge of the soil they would be dealing with.  There where landfill locations that had not settled, the houses would sink and some even split in half.  

Apartment trends took on a new look, builders began to build upgraded apartments with up scale flooring, young professionals wanted apartments with the comfort of a house in good neighborhoods. Apartments would soon be gated little neighborhoods of their own, with tennis courts, swimming pools, entertainment centers.  It was not long until young professionals had enough of apartment dwelling and started looking for the house of their dreams.

 Model homes in gated Communities were popping up in some of the best locations, away from apartment dwellings.  The décor had completed changed, wood floors, the best ceramic tile, granite counter tops, big walk-in showers with upgraded designs. Show rooms in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas were kept busy with new products from around the world.  Italian tiles such as porcelain was very popular.  This type of tile can be used out on patios and will withstand the cold weather.  We are still seeing the same trends in the building industry today.  This trend goes back 100 years when most of the beautiful woods were used in many estate homes in New England and the Deep South.

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