Beautiful Home Decor Items You Can Make With Repurposed Wood


Beautiful home decor is something everyone wants to have. But if you have ever looked around for decor, it can get very expensive. Lucky for us, this day in age, people are very artsy and very crafty. And with the help of a few inventions like the all too popular Cricut, you can DIY just about anything out of wood and repurpose it into anything you want into beautiful home decor. 

They are everywhere. Signs that say Welcome, or Blessings, or just plain old Believe. And they are all made out of repurposed wood. Another great idea for using repurposed wood, is using old wooden wine barrels to make a cute little outdoor table, or a flower planter, or a clock. These signs are super cute and easy to make.

Need a refresher for that old dingy living room? How about making a new bookcase or a ladder blanket shelf? Need a new picture frame? No problem. People are using shipping pallets for yard signs and shelving for stuff like collectibles, records or other items. 

One of the best home decor items made out of repurposed wood, is a bed frame and a head board. Easy to make and would save you so much money on a new bed. Don’t forget to make a matching shelf and shoe stand to match that new bedroom look!

One of the favorite things that many people have run across made out of the repurposed wood, is going a sliding door and a mirror. These really add some charisma to any room. And you can stain them or paint them to become any color your little decorating heart pleases. 

Don’t have thousands of dollars to give the outside of your house an up do? No problem. Repurposed wood is great for outdoor signs, or window shutters. Give them a rustic look, and instantly give your boring house a make over. 

New flooring too expensive? Well of course it is. Repurposed wood can come to the rescue. It gives your home a warm inviting feeling with an instant upgrade. In addition, you can stain it to match the rest of the decor in your home. 

Creating new TV stands and cabinets will stand out in your home as well. There’s several different ones on the internet that are made from repurposed wood, and they look like they came from a high end furniture store. Not to forget about end tables and coffee tables a like. Stained to match your TV stand and flooring, and pow, your living room has an all new look. 

Another great way to use up that old repurposed wood, is by making little pieces of home decor. Christmas trees and stars, Fourth of July fireworks decor, a scanty little Easter Bunny for Christmas, or a cross for any occasion. Want to support your local teams or your favorite professional team? Make a cutout of their logo. Displays nicely in any yard. 

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