5 Inexpensive DIY Backyard Designs


You’re standing on your back porch surveying your backyard area and thinking just how can I spruce up these blank, dull spaces without breaking my budget? You want ideas that are easy enough to do so you’re not spending the entire spring and summer whipping your yard into shape and going bankrupt in the process.

Backyard Design Ideas
If you think long and hard enough with creativity in mind, you can come up with DIY backyard designs that will raise your yard a notch or two in looks and design pizzazz. Just put pen and paper to work or fingers to the keyboard and you can come up with a variety of 5 inexpensive DIY backyard designs that will impress your family, friends and neighbors. Here are five ideas to experiment with that just might be the answer to your backyard dilemma.

1. Corrugated Metal Retaining Walls
Corrugated metal or galvanized metal is an environmentally friendly, cost effective material that resists rust, rot and water damage, and it’s lightweight and recyclable. Corrugated metal provides an eye catching design element in backyard creations because of its adaptability. You can showcase a retaining wall, fencing, planter boxes and other exterior design elements with corrugated metal, and you don’t have to break your back installing it or paying for it. It’s clean, modern, industrial and rustic appearance enhances any backyard area.

2. Wading Pool Water Feature
A child’s wading pool makes an inexpensive water display in a backyard. Blow it up, set it inside a round metal ring barrier and fill the pool with water. Add some faux floating flowers over the top and you have a lily pond in the making.

3. Elevated Garden
One way to have a garden and make an elevated and green statement in your backyard is to use railroad ties. Place one layer of ties in a rectangular pattern and add a second stack on top of the original layer for a heightened appearance. Place other ties within the rectangle that are perpendicular to it and create rows. Fill the rows with planting soil and level out the soil. Plant vegetables, fruits or flowers and watch your garden grow.

4. Green Faux Foliage
Using artificial foliage in rolls or panels is an inexpensive idea that brings texture, privacy and noise reduction to a backyard fence area. It’s also a way to create a beautiful trellis in any part of a backyard with little to no upkeep. You get the immediate look of green plant coverage without waiting for the growth, and your yard almost immediately takes on a whole new appearance. You can also use this same kind of foliage on bendable wire pieces or metal forms to create outdoor wreaths, hanging baskets and other decorative exterior pieces.

5. “Rock-in” River Rock
Using river rock isn’t expensive if you like rock hounding or have access to it through discount suppliers. River rock makes a good design element in several ways. Drainage channels around gutters and downhill runs in backyards where water runs or accumulates serve as functional design statements with river rock filler. It enhances any area of a yard that requires separation from other spaces. Whether it’s edging around a garden, a fire pit or garden area, river rock is one design element that can upgrade a backyard from plain jane to custom grade.

Whatever DIY backyard designs you decide on to ramp up your backyard, there are many ideas out there that are both innovative and cost effective. Select some of those listed here or create others that will suit your current backyard situation. You can’t go wrong with everything that is available today through the abundance of free ideas and your own imagination. 

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