The Best Cookbooks of 2020


Cookbooks inspire us all to become better cooks and maybe even prepare meals on par with some of our favorite chefs. While we can sometimes get stuck in a rut creating the same meals again and again, review some of the best cookbooks of 2020 to find your next savory dish. 

Bobby at Home: Fearless Flavors from My Kitchen: A Cookbook
The first cookbook on the list of the 5 best cookbooks of 2020 is a cookbook from a very famous chef. This cookbook comes from the Iron Chef Bobby Flay and is a full book about the recipes that he cooks at home. The recipes range from home standards like pasta to some truly unique creations. There is also a handy section that lists everything that Bobby has in his pantry and his kitchen, and this is so you can stock and prepare your kitchen just like the famous chef. The book has a unique style that takes people through how Bobby cooks his family-style food. The book is a good source of information from a chef that is famed around the world for his cooking.

Once Upon a Chef, the Cookbook: 100 Tested, Perfected, and Family-Approved Recipes
The next book on the list comes from blogger Jennifer Segal, a working mom who started the blog Once Upon a Chef. Jennifer has compiled her knowledge into a book of 100 hundred recipes that are useful for people who work and have to cook for their families. The books feature useful ticks and trips in addition to the actual recipes to improve your cooking prowess. If you have family and work-life, this is a good cookbook for you.

Electric Smoking Cookbook for Beginners: 100 Essential Recipes to Master the Basics
For summer 2020 you are probably thinking about the many things that you will do in the summer, with the next book on our list you can add electric smoking to your list. The Electric Smoking Cookbook for Beginners is for those who want to learn how to do their BBQ in an electric smoker instead of a traditional grill. Learn technical knowledge about the process you will be using as well as various recipes for meats as well as sides.

THE BIG PLANT-BASED DIET COOKBOOK FOR BEGINNERS: 1001 Everyday Quick And Easy Plant-Based Recipes To Lose Weight Effortlessly. 31 Days Meal Plan Included.
The next book on our list caters to those that prefer plants for their cooking experience. This book has over a thousand different recipes for plant-based cooking. The book also offers considerations of the benefits of a plant-based diet as well as some of the best plants for said dining. If your vegan or vegetarian and are looking for more recipes to inspire, this the book for you.

Half Baked Harvest Super Simple
The last book in the list for the 5 best cookbooks of 2020 is another cookbook by a blogger, this one specializing in healthy and fresh foods. The book features over 125 recipes and has outstandingly beautiful photographs to back the recipes up. The book covers a wide variety of healthy meal options that will be fresh and fabulous. 

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