Quick Ways To Improve Your Cooking From Professional Chefs


Stop stressing out and improve your cooking today. The whole foodie experience can very much be likened to that of a good day at a spa. The fragrant natural aromas of natural herbs and spices. The warmth emanating from the oven or stove. It doesn’t have to be a monotonous or grueling experience. The pleasure gleaned from following a new recipe can be fun and having your dish turn out exactly as anticipated can truly make your heart skip a beat. In today’s High stress world cooking can be a great escape.

Treat yourself…spend a few extra dollars on at least one or two quality knives. So, how important are good quality knives to learning good cooking technique really? Well, you may think that beautifully sliced meats and veggies don’t make your dishes necessarily taste any better, but they do help to wet the pallet and for presentation. Symmetrical and uniformly cut meats vegetables too, however cook more evenly. Food preparation will not only be simpler to handle, it will allow you to be more creative and try more advanced techniques. Go from simple slicing and mincing to much more exciting techniques such as julienning, or even Chiffonade (shredding). Listed below chefs share their top 5 professional cooking tips for beginners.

Keep it simple
If it seems too difficult, come back to it later. Don’t be overly ambitious at first. If you feel lost, or like you don’t know quite what you are doing. That’s okay! Give yourself a break. Take a deep breath and use those ingredients to make something simpler. Rome was not built in a day, and you will unfortunately not be a world renowned chef overnight either. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions
As with learning any new skill, you are going to make mistakes. With cooking, you may make ten or twenty. Learn from them, and move on.

Work in a clean and organized environment
Always, always clean up as you go. It is easy to get off task when you have multiple dishes cooking, so working in a timely organized manner is the only way to stay on time and keep it all together.

Plan ahead
A Good chef plans ahead. Chefs know poor planning can result in financial ruin for the restaurant, as everything in a pro kitchen must be plotted out thoroughly. From the pantry stocking to the accounting. A good menu or meal should also be well thought out. From the first course to cleanup. To advance as a cook, and improve your cooking a good plan in action is always a good idea.

Work on timing
So much depends on timing in cooking. From pre-cooking elements in your dish to making sure each dish comes out to perfection with the perfect sauce or topping on time with the other complimentary dishes. Timing is a sign of the true professional. If you have truly made it, you have your timing down pat.

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