Is It Worth Buying Organic Fruits And Vegetables?


Society today is on an upward swing toward healthier eating. People are finding that this lifestyle change has improved their overall health as well as contributed to some weight loss, and better cognitive thinking. Healthy eating choices is of great benefit to the young and the older population. Even schools are trying to serve healthier foods for children. Many people have gotten into the habit of eating organic foods. This includes organic fruits and organic vegetables. Although these products are environmentally friendly, they usually come with a higher cost than conventional fruits and vegetables.

The benefits of organic produce
Eating organic fruits and organic vegetables generally have one major benefit, and that is to lower the body’s exposure to chemicals and all the artificial ingredients that many foods have. This is true for some people, but not all. Eating conventional produce may work better for others, or they can not distinguish a difference between them. Educating oneself on the primary advantages to eating organic foods can better help determine if this is better for your family.

What makes foods organic?
Organic is the term used to refer to how the food was grown, how it was handled, and how it was processed. The practice of growing foods that are organic is meant to help to protect the environment. Strict standards have been mandated by the government for the USDA Organic seal of approval. Organic produce is generally grown without the use of fertilizers and pesticides that are often used with the conventional growth of produce. Organic products are not in contact with genetically modified organisms, radiation, or sewage sludge.

Whether to buy organic fruits and organic vegetables
It is not always necessary to buy certain fruits that are labeled organic. Local fruit from the nearby farmers market are usually grown with less pesticides and fertilizers. You can save money by buying conventional fruit. Many people eat the peel of some fruit, so washing it for about 30 seconds is all that is needed to rid the fruit of any lingering pesticides, and make them safe to eat. It is not worth the cost to buy organic fruits when the local fruit is available. Vegetables like spinach and kale should also be bought at farmers markets from local growers. They may have some pesticides sprayed on them, but cooking the vegetables will take away this chemical. So, it is better to buy local than organic vegetables when possible.

Buying organic food is great in some instances like organic beef, chicken, and pork. The less artificial chemicals in the meat the better for human consumption. Fruit and vegetables are better in their natural state with plenty of sunshine to help them grow. There are some types of fruit and vegetables that are well known to be “dirty” food with heavier amounts of pesticides and can be harmful to consume. Organic fruits and organic vegetables are difficult to prove authenticity so watch for local or reliable sources. The information on the produce is generally posted beside it.

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