This is a story that tells how American families lived during the time of developing the land.  Farm life and all the healthy ways we prepared meals was the beginning of what we see today, as more and more chefs and ordinary households are shopping for organic foods.  When I was growing up, that was all we had. The American farmer fed its people and also fed people around the world.  We had developed a thriving country of prosperity.  When I say this, it doesn’t mean our lives were easy, we had won World War 11 and the real work had begun to rebuild after many of our resources were used to help our soldiers to win the war.

Time has really changed over the years.  Cooking has become quite popular with all of the culinary schools. When I growing up on the farm, culinary school was unheard of or it wasn’t a topic in our school. The only culinary school was taking Home Economics in high school.  Home Economics was a requirement for the girls.  This class taught you how to cook, sew, and take care of health issues.

I guess I was lucky because being from a large family, and having 4 older brothers, it was up to me to help my mother.  You learn very fast on a farm.  During the spring of the year my parents would order thousands of baby checks.  We had a brooder house where all the baby chicks were kept.  It had to be kept at a certain temperature to make sure the baby chicks would survive.  On our farm we had milk cows.  I had to learn how to milk. Milking was done by hand and we milked in the morning and at night.  We had two (2) big milk containers that we filled up and early morning a Milk Truck would come by and pick up all the milk containers from the farmers.  The truck would go into the nearby town to a processing plant, named Harvest Queen Mill.  The Harvest Queen Mill would process the milk, make cheese, butter milk and cottage cheese. 

Every spring we would have a planting season for the crops to be planted.  It was not only the crops, we also planted a huge garden.  This was one of the busiest times during early spring.  This area of Texas was one of the most productive, the crops would cover large areas and all you would see for miles was the green plants of cotton fields and different types of grain. The wheat fields would consist of fields of 600 acres or more.

Farm life was set by the season, springtime was planting season, summer was harvest and we also had a fall harvest.  When harvest time came around, the farmer’s wives would get together and prepare the noonday meal.  The food came from the gardens, green beans, cucumbers, fresh corn, potatoes, tomatoes and lettuce. The meat during summer was mostly chicken.   During the harvest time, the housewife was also canning food for the winter months.  Farmers helping each other, moving from farm to farm until the harvest was completed.  Wives followed preparing noonday meals until the very last day of harvest.

It is so different now, as we see can goods on shelves of the grocery stores.  Art of old fashion canning is no longer done in the homes.  Consumers buy frozen meats, vegetable, fruits, juices, bake goods, and ice creams.  This has become a life style of convenience.  We are more educated and our professionals like a life style of leisure.  Professionals leave the pressure of the corporate world behind for the love of home life.   To enjoy and relax, professionals have taken up cooking, as you see patios with outdoor kitchens.  They shop for organic foods, grass fed beef and moving away from artificial products.  They like the Health Clubs, and seeking a healthier life style. Professionals marry later and have their children late in life.  This is a change I believe we will see for many generations to come.  I feel really blessed to have witnessed some hard times, as that builds character, but also, I enjoy living in some good times.  We live in a great country and we will continue to be inspired by new cooking ideals.

The Best Pumpkin Pie Ever, this is my mother recipe and it has been handed down for generations. 1 cup of Pumpkin, 3 cups of sugar, 1 cup of flour, 6 egg yolks only, 1 large can of carnation milk, 1 large can of water, 1 tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice. 1 cup whole milk.

Mix eggs, sugar, and pumpkin using your blender, blend until nice and smooth add the pumpkin pie Spice, then add the liquids at low speed and it is well blended no lumps.

Pour into uncooked pie shell and cook at 325 degrees for 55 minutes.  You can use 9 Inch pie pan.

Serve with a scoop of whipping cream if desire.  Great for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Your guess will want the recipe.

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