Cooking History

Cooking has quite a history in the early development of our country. The pioneer families left the eastern towns to go west.  Wagon trains and covered wagons with all their possessions headed out west to find their fortunes.  This was the beginning of the new frontier.  They would travel from sunup to sundown.

The wives would prepare a big breakfast, after traveling all day the men would find a place to camp overnight.  The night time meal would be served.  The settlers would plan the next day drive.  This perhaps was the beginning of outdoor cooking.

During their travel across the land, the settlers found berries and wild greens.  The men would hunt for wild life for meat.  This was a way of helping to keep the food supply.  When they came to a small town, the man in charge of the wagon train would get a supply list.  The list would be for staples such as flour, beans, lard, coffee, and a slab of bacon.  The was a very hard life, some died before they could reach their destination.

After long struggle of across country with the Indians and a civil war between the East and the south; we became a great country. Cattle drives from Texas to markets in the middle of the country.  Small town had developed with banks, bars, restaurants, in many of the cooks were women. One of the big local events was a country fair.  A special event was wives entering their canning and cooking skills. A Blue Ribbon was given in each category, canning, cake baking, and pie baking.  

With the development of our country and technology, we now have a new wonderful world of cooking.  Both men and women have enrolled in culinary schools.  We have cooking contests and cooking shows.  The pride of cooking is at the forefront, to bring out some of most talented cooks, which is at the forefront in development of cookbooks by some of the greatest cooks.  Julie Childs and Emeril Lagasse, with Emeril developing his own line of cookware (Cooking with Emeril Lagasse)

We find it very interesting how ordinary men have taking to cooking.  Many have developed their skill in barbequing pork, chicken and beef.  We have barbeque restaurants all across America.  We have Fast Food restaurants completing for their share in the market place. We have chains of different types of restaurants specializing in upscale cooking and dining out is something we really enjoy.  Gourmet cooking has become novelty and let us not forget serving your favorite wines.  Wines have become just as important, serving the right wine with what ever the chef has prepared. 

Enjoying cooking has reached a new height and our cooking wares have become essential, the new gadgets you see used in the cooking shows are advertised to make cooking a little easier.  Cooking made easier, using the right spices to bring out the flavors.  Cooking has become like a fine wine; chef’s spend hours to reach a balance of perfection. I myself love cooking, I don’t rush through a recipe, I read it very carefully to get a full understanding.  We want to bring out the flavors, whatever we are cooking.  When you are preparing a meat dish, select a side dish that complements the meat for a healthy meal.  If you are serving wine make sure it is the correct one.  Having a book on wines should be part of library of cookbooks.

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