8 Tips on How You Can Cut Meal Prep Times


Tips on Saving Time While Meal Prepping
The world we live in demands a lot from each of us. The time commitments we make when attending work and the other obligations may burden us if we are not careful in how we manage our lives. One of the best ways you can increase the efficiency of your free time is by meal prepping effectively.

If you are able to prepare your own meals you can save a lot of money over eating out for all of your meals. You will also be able to save on time if you follow some of these quick tips on how to meal prep effectively.

Pre-cut Onions
One of the things that will consume more of your time than anything else in the kitchen is the process of cutting all your vegetables. You can eliminate this step of the cooking process entirely by simply buying pre-cut vegetables. One of the most frequently used items in cooking is red or white onion; buy them pre-cut to reduce your prep time as well as your tears.

Peeled Garlic
Similar to the last tip right after chopping things, peeling things will also take up a lot of time in the kitchen. Save yourself the time of peeling things by buying them pre-peeled.

Have One Prep Day
Instead of meal prepping each day for that day you can compress everything all into one day. This will allow you to prepare the full weeks of meals all at one time. You will have to devote some time to one day to cook so that you won’t have to at all throughout the week. Keep all your pre-prepared items in ramekins to make it easier to use when you’re ready to cook.

Make Simple Meals
The more complicated your meals are the more difficult the cooking experience will be. If you are in a hurry you want to make simple meals. This will make it so you can cook complete meals very quickly.

Use The Freezer
After you are finished cooking everything put them in the freezer for safekeeping. Most types of food will keep for at least one week after cooking frozen. 

Organize the Fridge
The last thing you want to have happened after spending all this time meal prepping is not being able to find your meals. Organize the fridge to speed up food retrieval in the future. 

Organize the Kitchen
While you are cooking you will need to juggle several different activities at once. The better organized the kitchen is the better you will be able to juggle the various responsibilities that you have in the kitchen.

Cook Right After Shopping
Finally, on the day you have designated to cook all of your meals for the week you should consider going shopping too. This will allow you to knock out all of the tasks related to cooking you will have for the entire week all in one day. This will save you a huge amount of time. 

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