Staying Healthy

I think it is time for me write about what is one of the most important issues and that is a life style to stay healthy. If you are over-weight it is time to change your life style.  I want to talk to you about what obesity does to your body.  That over-weight body is releasing secretions that are slowly destroying your health.  It does not happen overnight, this is gradual.  When we were young, more likely we were forming bad habits.   I have a feeling it was easy for some to sit around and watch TV with a bag of potato chips.

This is the beginning of forming bad habits.  We can see too much obesity in teenagers and adults waddling along in our society.  This is the beginning of health problems that can overwhelm our medical institutions.  It is time for each person to take the responsibly of his or her health.  This also falls back to the parents. They should take responsibly to set an example for their offspring. 

When we do not set good health examples for our family, we are setting up our offspring to have serious health problems.  This not only physically, but mentally.   Their self-esteem is eroding and they can fall into depression or even worse.  Making bad choices in picking role-models. This is when we see our young generation destroy their lives by following the wrong crowd.  At some point, coupled with low self-esteem, this mind-set and poor habits could lead them into the world of drugs.

Before this happens, we should reach out to the family physician for help.  Start making a difference in your own eating habits. With time you will notice what a difference this makes in your own life.  You will see the new healthy habits forming in your teenager’s life. That boy or girl in your family is forming some good habits that will stay with them through-out their life.

When you look back and see that young teenage girl of yours begin to blossom, she has started to believe in herself, you should be proud as a parent. That young teen girl no long has shallow skin with blemishes and unruly hair.  Being depressed and setting around with a bag of chips is gone.  She does not exist.  She is feeling like a new person, her self-esteem is getting stronger every day.  The day of looking drab is over.  She is happy with herself.

She is just beginning to feel wholesome and her skin glows and her hair is shining.  She is starting to experience shopping for skincare, makeup and hair products.  That dress in the window that she has passed so many times.   She walks in and buys the dress, for once she feels that she really is worthwhile.  She understands what it means to form good habits.  How important her health is and what it means for her future.  Picking up a magazine about good health products and beauty products to look and be the best person she can be. 

Life has taken a 180 degree turn for the better, she is making friends and choosing good role models, and setting goals for a higher education and helping other girl friends that had the same problem she did.  Before, it was like a pack of over-weight girls with no goals and low self- esteem.  Now you see this same pack of girls giggling and having fun and full of life.  They love to shop for makeup and clothes and talk about what their new goals are.  This is a lifestyle change and developing into a life full of good choices that will continue to grow for them a brighter future.

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