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I am sure you remember when you were in high school, your hair was one of the most beautiful features.  Youth seem to be the trend setters.  I have been wanting to write about ladies in their 30s,40s, 50s, and older.  Some of these hair salons are beginning to cater to more ladies in these age groups.

Some of the beautiful short hair styles are being shown in New York Fashion week.  There are more professional working women and many of these young professionals no longer have children at home.  It is their time to shine.  They are taking a great deal of pride in their health.  They are looking for hair stylists that really know how important it is to keep their client happy and coming back.  Creating an exceptional salon filled with professional artists devoted to their craft and sharing this with their clients, is the secret for a successful business in your community. 

Here are some more factors for having a beautiful head of hair.  You are what you eat, and at an early age we do not produce stem cells.  This affects are well-being.  You see more products being advertised that are supposed to help with thinning hair.  We also want our stylist to be knowledgeable and educated in the world of the fashion industry and it is just natural for us to look to them for answers.  This is where I would like to talk about one of my stores, Cerule.   

The extraordinary Science in this product is validated by years of scientific research and development, patents and published scientific papers. Our Stem Cell Enhance Ultra is one of our flagship products having been studied in multiple third party and independent clinical trials that document their benefits. Stem Cells occur naturally in the body and serve to replenish cells that are lost through normal wear and tear or injury. As we age, our body’s ability to self-repair and maintain optimum health decreases due to a reduction in the number of circulation stem cells associated with the normal aging process. Increasing the volume of circulating stem cells is believed to support the body’s process of self-repair and self-renewal. 

What is unique about the Stem Cell Enhance Ultra, it goes to the weakest cell in your body to help the body to heal itself.  There are many things that affect the beauty of our hair, stress, diet, smoking, and sometimes it is a health issue.  I want to pass this on to our audience that want some good common sense health tips.

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