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Great hair care starts with the haircut. As a norm, fine hair will look full with the right cut. Find a good stylist. Get a cut that will bring out your best feature.  People over centuries have admired a beautiful head of hair. It has been the vocal point as a crown of beauty.   A great place to start is with your shampoo. It not only cleans your hair, but it can help solve problems, like dandruff and thinning hair, and it can help maintain your color and style. Using shampoo is easy, but you need to find the one you love that suits your own unique needs.

Limp and lackluster? Weighed down at the sight of oil? Easily greased-up and perennially flat? My fine-haired homegirls, we’re here with good news: If equipped with some kick-ass products, your hair woes will actually be quite easy to conquer. To send you in the right direction, we’ve assembled a slew of power players that work to add volume, thickness, and texture to lifeless locks. Click through for bombshell-boosting hair buys that are most definitely worth your money.


Infused with the natural sugar starch maltodextrin, this 98% natural spray packs instant volume. It also includes biotin, which promotes lasting thickness over time. Other power ingredients like ginseng and ginger root allow for better blood flow to the scalp, which naturally enhances hair growth.  

The magical thing about mousse is it can usually give you way more texture and grit than a spray—two things you very much want if you’re trying to amp up fine or thin hair. Rake a palm-size puff of mousse through your damp hair and roots, then either air-dry for medium-high volume, or blow-dry for holy-wow-whaaa volume.
If you have fine hair, you know it can be both a blessing and a curse. On the bright side, your skinny strands don’t need as much product to coat them. Often, fine hair is naturally silky and smooth, and responds to heat styling easily.

Fine hair sometimes takes some finagling to look great. If you’re frustrated by all the bombshell blowouts you see on the runway, you’re not alone. But the good news is: with the right routine, care, and products, you can whip your fine hair into shape!  Fine hair has its benefits and downfalls, but as long as you find what works for you, your fine hair should not be a big problem. Nobody is born with perfect hair. Whether it is fine, thick, or somewhere in the middle, we all have to work with the cards we were dealt, and that is not always a bad thing


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