10 Amazing Anti-Aging Skin Care Products


While aging is inevitable, it is not necessary to advertise your maturity by avoiding a solid, anti-aging skin care routine. The majority of the work to keep skin looking healthy and young happens at home. Utilizing the following products will enable your skin to radiate youth and health for years to come.

Peptides are small protein structures that help the body increase the generation of collagen. For anti-aging skin care, peptides function by telling the body to increase collagen production which fights fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in our bodies. It is a sugar molecule that’s job is to help skin find and keep moisture. In lab tests, a topical Hyaluronic acid compound has been shown to significantly decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in only two weeks!

Facial Exfoliation
Facial exfoliation is effective because it removes dead skin cells that leave your skin looking dull and flakey. Exfoliation products such as mitts can be used in the shower, or a cream with exfoliating properties, such as a sugar scrub, can be used to exfoliate and add extra moisturizer afterwards.

Regularly using a good moisturizer helps fill in the fine lines and wrinkles associated with age. The additional moisture also rids your skin of flakiness and helps protect your skin from harsh environmental conditions that contribute to aging.

Facial Masks
There are a myriad of facial mask products that exist for nearly every concern one can imagine. For anti-aging benefits, look for a facial mask that offers tightening and moisturizing benefits.

Fish Oil
Regularly taking a fish oil supplement has been shown to dramatically reduce skin damage that occurred due to sun exposure. Fish oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids that help the skin retain moisture, which helps skin avoid developing fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging.

Sunscreen, while not effective in fighting the signs of aging that have already happened, is the most effective tool in preventing further aging from sun damage from occurring. Using a moisturizer or foundation that contains at least SPF 15 is a habit that will pay off tremendously.

Wrinkle repair cream with Retinol
Retinol has proven to fight the signs of aging by signaling the body to increase collagen production and also help erase age spots. It is found in several wrinkle repair creams.

Jade rollers
Jade rollers are a very effective, natural way to fight the signs of aging. Using a jade roller helps increase circulation which helps carry needed nutrients to the skin. It also smooths the skin, helping the 42 facial muscles to relax, avoiding additional fine lines and wrinkles. Using a jade roller also increases lymphatic drainage, ridding your body of toxins which results in toning and lifting.

A good collagen supplement has been shown to not only increase skin elasticity, but also help with bone density and decrease joint pain associated with aging. 

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