Decorating has been around before I was ever born.   Decorating really tells a story of the History of America. The paintings of George Washington and wining the war against the British.  The textbooks in our schools are full of drawings of the early history of our country.  The early artists paved the way with their paintings of the Civil War. The beautiful art work was hung in the Capital Buildings here in the United States.  Museums of art were opened to the public; art collectors became fascinated with fine art. 

Art studios opened in local locations for young artists to continue study and develop their talent.  It was not long before design schools were available for the fashion world, designing patterns for the fashion industry.  Factories also opened up for local workers for making apparel. Apparel work force was in great demand.

Wallpaper was also in use by home builders, you had paper styles for kitchen, bathroom and living rooms. Paint became popular and was much cheaper, new colors was developed in soft hues and home owners fell in love with wall paints.  Textile was an entirely new industry and took the world in a storm.  Floor covering, vinyl tiles, and hard ceramic tiles, granite counter tops, home décor stores opened up all across America. Area rugs of all shapes and designs. 

The whole decorating industry changed and the DIY movement started to create their own designs. This also created new craft stores.  We have the Home Stores, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Kirkland’s and many Dollars Stores, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar.  We had craft shows, art shows, and this was expanded to State Fairs.  The outdoor furniture would be on display, patios were added to the home builder’s designs.

Outdoor kitchens were added to patios and the young professionals set a trend for more outdoor living.   Swimming pool designs and landscaping abounded.  When you drive though upscale neighborhoods, the architectural designs can date back for a century.

This is an industry that will be with us for many years, we do not give up our talent. Sewing, knitting, painting and cooking is another art and we have found great joy in what we do. We will not give up our creative minds. We have will solace in ourselves.  It is like great music of the artist and the love of the lyrics consoles our soul.

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