A Beginner’s Guide To Fine Art


How to Get Started with Fine Art
Art has existed alongside humans since before the invention of writing. There were men who lived in caves that felt the need to express their inner creative genius on the walls of caves across the planet. Art has since gone on to evolve alongside humans as both its own thing and the dependent of humans. Understanding and appreciating fine art can take time and a bit of effort. If you don’t quite know where to begin in the world of art there are some great ways to get started. There is a way to approach fine art and fine art exhibits today that will allow you to develop a deeper appreciation for the outer limits of human creativity. 

Start With Small Details
Anytime you are looking at a piece of fine art you will start by looking in at the smallest level of detail first. Observe the overall size of the piece of work and its shape. Look at the colors that were used. Have there been any special modifications made to it in comparison to other paintings of a similar style? As you work your way through the details of the painting you will begin to build an understanding of more than just what the painting is but rather what the painting represents to its beholder. Once you have arrived at that point we can move on to the bigger ticket items. 

Move To The Big Picture
Now that we have a solid and firm grasp over the basics and intricate details of the painting we can start to turn our attention towards the higher-level concepts that are imbued within a piece by an artist. These can include things such as the theme of the painting or its tone. Was the author trying to communicate any type of special meaning or message to his audience? As you begin to work through the painting once more you will need to ask yourself some important questions about the painting and the artist. What was it that motivated the artist to produce this piece and to show it in this way. Many times there are deeper levels of meaning hidden within the normal painting details that are lost to us as we stare in wonder at the work of art simply because we let ourselves lose track over our own thoughts on the subject at hand. Ultimately it will always end up in the hands of the audience the true majesty of piece. If you can bring yourself to experience just a little more then you are one step closer to communing with some of the greatest artists of all time.

Visiting Art Exhibits
The next time you have the chance you should definitely go to your local art exhibit to practice. The only way to truly develop the taste and appreciation of art is through repetition. If you can commit to visiting several exhibits a month for a year then by the end of that year you will be surprised at how much progress you have made. 

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