6 Innovative Ways To Decorate With Art At Home


Your home should reflect your personality. One way to infuse character into the space is to decorate with art. When considering art think about the space. Art that is too small can make a space feel barren. Consider the amount of furniture that you have in a room, if it is sparse, then a large piece of artwork will fill up the area as furniture might.

Here are six innovative ways to use art in your home:

1. Textiles
Textiles can be an easy and inexpensive way to decorate. Next time you travel buy a scarf as a reminder of your trip. The simple souvenir can fold up and travel home without damage. Once you are home frame the scarf to create your wall art. The scarf is sure to become a talk piece about your adventure.

2. Wall gallery
There are several ways you can create a wall gallery. Consider pieces in different sizes, dimensions and styles to give the gallery wall a complete feel. Galleries take planning to execute. We recommend laying your framed work on the floor to try out a few setups prior to hammering nails in your wall. Some people prefer to have all the same colored frames or similar theme within the art; other prefer to have varying colors and themes. Consider the placement of each piece within the space, particularly when you’re hanging art over a sofa or chair.

3. Maps
Want to mark all the places you have visited or note landmarks on your bucket list? Maps are pieces of art and are an interesting way to use a space. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or someone who has dreams of adventure, wall maps can add excitement to your space. As an added bonus when you have friends over, they will likely share their adventures and give you tips for you next trip.

4. Ledges
A grouping of three to five framed pieces leaned against one another on a shallow wall shelf is a nice way to display your wall art. Ledges come is a variety of lengths and depths so you can pick on that fits into your space. When placing art on the ledge use a mix of sizes. You can make seasonal changes and not worry about patching nail holes.

5. Vertical planters
Bring the outside in by using a vertical planter as art. Planters can be practical or just for show. For example, grow your herbs right where you need them—in your kitchen, while using it as art on your wall. Planter also work great as art in family room or dining rooms. You can invest in kits or create the DIY art yourself. Spray-painted tin cans or simple clay pots are potential options for this innovate display.

6. Mosaics
Mosaics are a unique and colorful way to decorate with art. Every mosaic is unique and can really become a reflection of your personality. The one-of-a-kind hangings are a great addition to a home office, family room or bedroom.

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